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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rose MVP's Bucks at Buzzer, Bull Win

Rose came out of the gate red hot, going 4-4 in the early minutes. He then cooled off a bit going 3-17 until the closing seconds. The Bulls came out of the timeout with 18.1 left on the clock. Everyone in the Bradly Center knew exactly where the ball was going. Rose dribbled the clock down to about 4 seconds  before making his move, he faked the drive and shook Jennings off for a split second which is all he needed. The reigning MVP pulled up for an incredibly tough shot just inside the 3-point line, and swish nothing but net. His teammates swarmed him at half court, everyone on that team knows exactly how special Rose is. You could count the players in this league that possess the kind of mental toughness Rose displays time after time on one hand.  When asked about still having the confidence after such a rough shooting night Rose replied, "Amnesia".

Boozer Got Lit Up, Anyone Surprised?

I'd be willing to bet that Gooden knew going into the game that he was going to  tear it up as long as Carlos was guarding him. He shot 52% and scored 27 points. The 9th year veteran is averaging 24.6 points on 50% shooting in the 3 meetings with Chicago this season. For just a decent player to have that kind of average against what some consider to be the best defense in the league is unheard of. Its pretty clear to Bulls fans where the chink in armor is, by now we're all used to it.

What a Luxury

We didn't see the kind of Bulls basketball we are used to. Chicago got matched on the offensive glass an area where they have dominated all season. They also gave up 104 points to a team that averages only 95.6 per game. This was mostly due to the 17 turnovers which the the Bucks turned into 25 points. If it weren't for Rose it is very likely that the Bulls drop this one. He was only 2 rebounds away from a triple double and scored when it really mattered. It is a luxury to be able to play a game like that and have a player like Rose to carry the team on his shoulders in the closing minutes.

Final Thoughts

As a Bulls fan can you really complain? No, it was not a perfect game, but we still got the W. No team plays perfect every time. The Bulls possess the best record in the league and are riding a 8 game winning streak despite all of our injuries and having played the most road games out of any other team in the league. Lets enjoy the win but it's back to business tonight.

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