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Friday, March 9, 2012

Howard's Magic Snaps Bulls Streak

As expected Orlando came out ready to redeem themselves after losing to the leagues worst team. What better way to do that than take out one of the elite on their home floor? The Bulls allowed a season high 37 points in the first quarter. They manged to climb back into the game and actually take the lead at one point, but couldn't pull out one of the spectacular wins we have all grown accustomed to in the Derrick Rose era.

Come ready next time Bulls
If Bulls didn't allow that explosion in the first quarter I say they take this one easily. They were down by 18

at one point and still managed to come back. As a lot of us feared, after streaking so much Chicago got complacent. Plain and simple, the Magic came to play the Bulls didn't until it was too late.

The Bad 
Chicago gave up 11 of 26 3-pointers, coming into the game Orlando was 18-1 when shooting over 40% from the 3 point line, 19-1 after last night. Korver went 1-7 from the 3 point line and over half of those were almost wide open looks. Deng seems like a ghost of him former self  going 1-9 for 5 points. Rose went 6-22 and had only 17 points, although he did get knocked to the floor multiple times without a whistle, if he gets those calls the game might have been different. Orlando also out rebounded Chicago which is a rare feat for an opponent.

The Good
Our Power Forwards actually had a pretty good game. Taj came off the bench played good defense as he always does, the exciting thing was that he broke out of his recent offensive slump. He scored 14 points and shot 85%. This might have been one of Boozers best games as a Bull. He had 26 points while only getting to the line once and shooting 60% from the field. He even played some decent defense when he was put on Dwight. Granted Boozer got scored on but forced Howard into some tough shots. Carlos, can you play like this against the other team in Florida?! Please?

Losses Suck, But Put The Panic Button Away For Awhile
Chicago won 8 straight. They were bound to lose sometime. Orlando had a hot shooting quarter that killed the Bulls, who have slowed much more powerful offenses than Orlando. This game seems more like a fluke than a trend. Chicago still owns the best record in the East and is the only team yet to lose consecutive games. I expect them to bounce back.

Injury Notes
Luol Deng admitted to KC Johnson that his wrist is bothering quite a bit, and might have to sit out a few games. Him playing at say 80% after missing a few games is better than him playing at 40% the whole way. Thibs told reports that Rip is "still aways away from returning." CJ has targeted either tomorrow or Monday as a return date. Here's to hoping everyone is just ready to go by the end of April.

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