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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bulls @ Bucks 7pm CT

Game date/time: 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 6, 2012
Location: Bradley Center
TV: Comcast SportsNet Chicago/NBA league Pass

The Chicago Bulls are set to take on the Milwaukee Bucks tonight as what appears to be a road game on the schedule. Although you would never know given the amount of Bulls fans that travel with them to Milwaukee. Rose and the Bulls look for  a season sweep of the lowly Bucks.

Keys To The Game 

Don't Fall Asleep: While this is obvious, during this compressed season we have seen that any team can lose on any given night. While the Bucks are sub 500 they are still a very good defensive team, and have already dispatched 2 wins against Miami. The Bulls are rolling right now with a 7 game winning streak, this is usually when teams start to get complacent and comfortable and can drop one to a lower team. 

If You Stop Jennings You Stop The Bucks: The Bucks rely heavily on the offensive end similar to the Bulls with Derrick Rose, but even more so. So far in the month of March he has been red hot averaging 31 points and 7 assists during 3 games. He is coming off a 33 point performance in a victory over the 76ers who rank among the best defensive teams in the league. Having said all that I like our chances of Rose and Noah (on the switch and in the lane) slowing him down. Rose has really improved his defense under Thibs and after Jennings scored 16 points of the 1st quarter in their first meeting this year, I'm sure he has Roses attention. 

Do What We Do Best: The mind boggling thing  is what has kept us in games against good teams has killed us against the bad ones, and that is rebounding the ball. I do not see this being as much of an issue this game given the fact that the Bulls are leading the league in rebounding and the Bucks are 3rd to last. But if the Bulls can take advantage of this we should have no problem winning the game.

Get The Starters Some Rest: Tonight is the first game of a back to back. Tomorrows game is against the Magic who are coming off a loss to the Bobcats so you know they are going to come out hard. The Bulls are going to be without Rip, and CJ tonight and most likely tomorrow night so the need to rest the starters mainly, Rose becomes more crucial.

Final  Thoughts

If the Bulls don't come out focused and ready to play this could easily be a game they drop hopefully the team isn't just looking a head to tomorrow nights bigger match up. I don't see this happening, this team has only lost 8 games all year with the mass amount of injuries. They are well coached Thibs has them ready to play 99% of the time. And for that other 1% he has proven that he isn't afraid to pull the starters and go with the bench guys which arguably are better than Milwaukee's starters overall. 


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