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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rose Injured Again Likely Out Against Knicks

Bulls fans couldn't wait for Derrick Rose to redeem himself against the Knicks after failing to win the game in crunch time. That might have to wait, according to many reports Rose will not play tonight as New York comes to the United Center.

Per KC Johnson Chicago Tribune:
Rose said he suffered the injury during the second quarter of the Bulls' overtime loss on Sunday. Rose believes he stepped up on Landry Fields' foot on a drive.
"You know how I am: If it’s a close game or one I want to get, I’m going to continue to play," Rose said. "I ended up making it worse. It’s just an ankle sprain. Hopefully, I’ll be over it in a couple days."
Its unfortunate for Chicago that their reigning MVP has missed almost two dozen games this season, but this injury unlike the groin injury isn't too serious. If it were a playoff game Derrick would likely go. As I have said before the way Chicago has played this season they can afford to be very cautious with their superstar. Many Bulls fans are upset or in a panic because we are used to the regular season not being so important. Chicago has become an elite team and the games that really count don't come until playoff time. Hopefully Rose will be back soon enough to build a little chemistry with Hamilton before the April 28th playoffs. Its nothing to panic about not yet at least.

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